Professional Pure Fat Chocolate Equipment

25 August 23
T6 chocolate tempering machine

After August, our T-series chocolate tempering machine ushered in two major changes, one is more silent, and the other is that our tempering process is closer to the temperature control curve. This means that when making chocolate, we can control the temperature more accurately, resulting in a better taste and texture of the chocolate.

T6 chocolate tempering machine

First, let’s talk about mute. After our efforts, the current T-series chocolate tempering machines hardly produce any noise during operation. This is undoubtedly a very practical function for those friends who need to make chocolate late at night or early in the morning. You can enjoy the fun of making chocolate, but also be able to keep quiet and let your neighbors get a good rest.

Secondly, our temperature control machine is closer to the temperature control curve during the temperature control process. This means that when the set temperature is 31 degrees, the thermostat can not only quickly reach the set temperature, but also keep stable when the temperature reaches the set value, and the temperature will not be too high. This gives the chocolate we make a huge boost in taste and texture. For example, when the melting temperature is 45 degrees and the set temperature is 31 degrees, when the temperature reaches 31 degrees after the temperature adjustment starts, it will continue to cool down to 29 degrees, and then return to the set temperature of 31 degrees. More crystals are produced during cooling, which makes the chocolate taste more delicate and smooth.

T6 chocolate tempering machine

Overall, our T-Series chocolate tempering machines are even better after the August changes. It not only allows you to easily make delicious chocolate, but also allows you to enjoy more fun and surprises in the process of making. If you are a chocolate lover, you might as well try our T series chocolate tempering machine, I believe it will become an indispensable helper when you make chocolate.