Looking at the growth path of chocolate making machine enterprises from the experience of overseas giants

08 September 23
Chocolate coating equipment

Looking at the growth path, management mode, and individuals of chocolate making machine enterprises from the experience of overseas giants.

Baking, learning: Baking products cultivate employees’ interests, mature professional skills and innovative abilities in the product.

MM08/15 with the enrober system

● Bread making skills: grain and oil seasoning, puffed food, five spice powder, animal nutrition, sweet white rice, miscellaneous grains, ham, raisins, tomatoes, triangles, flowers, wolfberries, cheese, raisins, crispy pastries, durian fruit, crispy Dim sum, miscellaneous grains, etc.

● Sugar flipping, production techniques: Frost coloring and sugar flipping biscuit sandwich machine, Frost coloring and sugar flipping biscuit sandwich, Xylitol and sugar flipping biscuit sandwich, Sugar flipping body picking, Sugar frosting heart picking, and Sugar coating charm.

● Tipping sugar, production skills: frosting matching color matching modeling skills, frosting matching color matching range: frosting matching method, xylitol method, egg biscuit sandwich, elaborate sugar art, etc. Teaching: Frost pairing method, protein content, food cost, on-site teaching: The specific methods that affect the quality of the course are as follows.

In terms of icing pairing: icing pairing styling skills, icing pairing storage conditions, consumption methods, storage methods, whitening suitability: honey concentrate powder, butter icing, apple concentrate powder, food grade production, ice bag icing, decoration: ice cream icing, towel rolls, pocket handicrafts, wedding icing, towel mats, jam icing, fruit biscuits, etc. Provide specific guidance to students on corresponding assignments.

In the field of baking, the variety, taste, hardness, taste, etc. of mousse liquid remain consistent, while the baking process may not be able to achieve it.

It is used for making cakes, biscuits, bread, moon cakes, cookies, meat pies, cakes, wafers, Chicken rolls and other baked foods, as well as convenient freezing/display methods.

The raw materials are Miaoyuan sugar cream (cocoa butter, cocoa powder, cocoa liquid block, etc.), white granulated sugar, powder, coconut oil, food powder, oyster sauce, stabilizer, and other special sugars, mixed with refined glutinous rice powder, starch, or other materials, such as soft candy and corn syrup.

Bi-directional technicians will design the most suitable solution based on the actual needs of each customer, bringing them unique flavors and products.

Dan-2400B Our customized cream cheese party starter workshop party filling ingredients.

Selected high-quality raw materials, processed through 12 processes and one processing process, can efficiently and stably complete production, and meet consumers’ demand for excellence.

The fully automatic servo packaging machine we provide can achieve a series of operations such as feeding, measuring, filling and bag making, and batch feeding;

Determine the material vacancy based on the customer’s production materials, input the corresponding steps correctly, and help customers efficiently package;

Equipped with certain color code detection functions, the uninterrupted roller brings convenience to customers;

Smooth cylindrical body, improving product competitiveness and increasing product deformation effect;

Smooth product handling, both aesthetically pleasing and practical.