Creating an Intelligent Visual Feast in the chocolate tools Industry, Leading the Technological Revolution in Major Industries

18 September 23

Create an intelligent visual feast for the chocolate tools industry, leading technology revolutionaries in various industries to enter the market and delve deep into the field.

The immersion tank is a device set up for coating the workpiece, consisting of a main tank and a sub tank, with a temperature regulating water jacket around the main tank.

The water jacket is composed of various layers of partitions, and the water flows from bottom to top along a certain path to fully cool or heat the coating liquid. Robot handle assembly.

The workpiece basket with workpieces is equipped with multiple inflatable nozzles in the immersion tank, and the nozzle is equipped with a few discharge valves. The water jacket is composed of a handle, fan duct, centrifugal fan conveyor belt, etc., and should be installed during cleaning.

Component diagram of molding machine

The soaking tank is a device set up for coating workpieces, which uses an inclined slope lifting conveyor belt to transport the liquid in the soaking tank.

The chocolate coating tank adopts an inclined inclined plate and an inclined arc to grind into powder liquid. The capacity of the tank body is 250~900500, and the rotor is relatively large, with a grinding fineness of every inch

The coating tank is a device set up for coating workpieces. It is composed of a far end, a front end, and a front end mechanism, and a drying device is installed inside the warming water pot. The bottom is equipped with an insulation layer, and the baffle of the insulation layer is installed.

A water tank is a device set up for coating workpieces, mainly used for drying, easy to rust, difficult to deform, and easy to shape.

Chocolate coating tank is a device set up for coating workpieces, mainly used for coating tanks, chocolate coating tanks, glass tanks, etc. It is a jar used to collect sugar alcohols, syrup, and nuts, and to filter peanut oil and chocolate sauce.

As industrial parts and accessories, the outer packaging is imprinted with chocolate traces, as well as temperature control and negative pressure properties. Optional absorbability can extend the curing time.

There are two heating methods: natural gas heating, thermal oil heating, gas heating, and electric heating.

Power overall dimensions (910) Overall dimensions (length) (width) (thickness) × At room temperature, 720 (mm) 720 (mm).

The sewage rice slurry melting machine is a multifunctional kneading process mainly used to remove pesticide residues and other harmful substances. It reflects maltodextrin, glucose, and starch dextrin, and can be set and set to achieve good cleaning and efficient cleaning by breaking the dirty rice slurry. Its structural design and strength are superior to Jiehai Machinery’s NAPP, CPP, PT/PE, KOP/PET, etc., with excellent performance. Suitable for large-scale vegetable processing plants, spot product production, import and export of 40 ° C/310 ° C/310 ° C and other vegetable and fruit baking machinery.