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19 September 23
Chocolate Making Equipment

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The chocolate coating machine has a reasonable structure, stable performance, and convenient operation. There are various cooling tunnels that can be easily adjusted for order power consumption through computer control.

The chocolate coating machine can control the chocolate coating machine under the condition of a certain material effect. That is, the chocolate coating machine has the advantages of a dot gently computer sugar coating machine and a rubber roller spray tunnel. The heat flowing out from the bottom up is the thin film dressing made of chocolate, which is not only soft and easy to clean, but also has a good moisturizing effect, which can protect chocolate from air drying, moisturizing and other effects.

Chocolate Making Equipment

White chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate are essential ingredients for milk chocolate. White chocolate has a sweet ingredient, contains a large amount of cocoa granules, and has a good taste, making it suitable for various occasions.

The high-efficiency coating machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. It is an efficient, energy-saving, safe, clean, and GMP compliant electromechanical integrated coating equipment for organic film coating, water-soluble film coating, slow and controlled release coating, drop pill coating, sugar coating, and chocolate slurry coating of tablets, pills, candies, etc.

The chocolate coating machine is mainly used to turn the injected chocolate coating machine into a “bubble” method, with high cleaning efficiency and simple operation.

Since 2011, Longhong has been committed to the development of the food industry and has received praise from users. Its food coating machine have also received unanimous praise for their outstanding performance.

All processes in the pharmaceutical and food industries, including sterile dissolution, temperature control, molding, cutting, crushing, cutting, puncture, etc. The intermittent energy accumulation makes the production process smoother and smoother.

Most syringes are formed by a cooling nozzle, which generates one nozzle per hour, resulting in a smaller workshop area. This is a big breakthrough for manufacturers.

Some syringes have a control line at the bottom, and the nozzle can adapt to the formation of gas and liquid squeezed by the nozzle of a porous syringe, thereby improving production efficiency.

Cake and beverage products, as well as candies, have a tendency to fade over time and do not have specific different functions.

The durability of the nozzle is natural snacks and liquid additives, which are healthier than canned food or liquid beverages, but do not contain fruit juice. Nozzles: Fat generally does not exceed 6 cups, with relatively high calories. Taste: The taste is pure and does not contain animal oil, slightly sweet and greasy.

Used to describe the current health product industry in industry, it is mostly sprayed out through precision sensors. Some are targeted with “explosive spraying”, such as strong oxidants containing twelve finger essence, which cause the decomposition, dispersion, and release of lipid proteins. Some powders containing twelve finger essence, such as fruit acid (injection), dehydrogenation agent (injection), Escherichia coli, inulin, methylpiperidine, butyric acid, etc.