Great Promotions Reveal Hidden Anxiety in the Chocolate Making Machine Industry

24 September 23

The big promotion has raised implicit anxiety in the chocolate making machine industry.

This large and complete strawberry fruit sauce is very flexible and tastes like a building block. And it tastes like rolling jelly, more suitable for fitness enthusiasts.

How about the quality of Big White Rabbit Chocolate? How much does the ingredient chocolate cost per serving? It tastes great and is loved by the whole family.

Milk pineapple soda biscuits, soft and sweet. It is crispy, cold, and appetizing, fragrant, soft, and puffy. It is both sour and sweet, but not greasy.

Old Beijing egg milk durian biscuits are soft, affordable, and delicious without additives. A festive and appetizing product that the whole family loves to eat.

It is soft, sweet, and delicious, crispy and fragrant. A yolk biscuit with a round taste, golden skin, and a silky, fragrant and mellow cream. It has a soft and silky shape, and is overjoyed.

Spread oil paper in a large bowl and mix the egg yolk and cheese. Prepare one or more fragrant and greasy ribs, and stir them evenly by hand in batches.

T6 chocolate tempering machine

Next, add the shortening to the egg yolk and beat vigorously until it is in place. Gently cover with cling film and refrigerate for a while in the refrigerator.

Pour the batter into the decorative bag and gently shake the baking tray to significantly improve the stability of the batter. You can also dip it into the greasy edge of the decorative mouth.

Pour the squeezed batter into a small bowl and stir evenly with chopsticks.

We only need two minutes to squeeze the batter, and the operation is simple and easy to learn. It only takes two minutes. After the batter is poured in, use an electric egg beater to start rotating.

The density of eggs is so good. How to make egg biscuits is so simple. You can’t be a secretary, but you value Orient Cake. So please go to the home to bake bread leaves to help you make some egg biscuits that are relatively good and far from desirable.

Cover with cling film, roll open the biscuit and cut it with a rolling knife or fork, with a high pushing rate, so that the bottom of the circular biscuit is covered with a layer of oil, making it a thin and crispy biscuit. It can be used to make both tough biscuits and shaped cakes. And it can be used as a food substitute for tea and enjoy toughness cookies.

Light cream cheese is the main ingredient for making tough biscuits. Stir the manual egg beater in a certain direction to evenly mix the materials.

Heat the beaten dough over water to 40-50 ° C, and when there is no temperature, mix thoroughly with a spatula. Then dry the dough on the frame and mix it if you like.

Mix several ingredients such as butter, walnut powder, salt, sugar, milk powder, condensed milk, etc. evenly, then add sieved dry yeast and water to brew them into a dry refrigerant.

Light cream cheese is made by scraping off the dough after sieving, wrapping it in plastic wrap, and storing it in the refrigerator overnight for about 2 hours.