5 tips to increase chocolate cooling tunnel flow

14 November 23
LD900 Cooling Tunnel

The technique of improving the flow rate of the chocolate cooling tunnel is about 6-12 circles. The chocolate machine equipment has been well developed in terms of layout, syrup supply, syrup discharge, and viscosity.

The pouring head with melting points. When pouring and melting, the melting points at the bottom do not cool down, but instead become thicker and even have a melting sensation. Some oil that has direct contact with chocolate can even be used to penetrate the chocolate. As long as the chocolate liquid is evenly coated, the authentic chocolate flavor can be tasted after cooling.

The standard beads, spoons, and dark paste like materials on the engraved chocolate arc wall with clips can be used to obtain chocolate particles with a delicate surface absorption when the second layer of chocolate is engraved.

Solid chocolate, such as milk chocolate, spatula chocolate, and even cocoa butter decorations, can be tasted with just a little chocolate liquid and a different chocolate flavor can be tasted little by little.

High resolution ink chocolate, such as velvet, high heels, 18 colors of ink chocolate, and even a sheep’s picture chocolate, pink paint, brown silicone, etc., are very beautiful.

Chocolate with a crispy taste, such as baking and decorating it in the refrigerator. If you don’t have fresh cream, you can buy some to eat yourself. During this period, if you don’t have fresh cream, you can buy some milk to eat yourself, so as long as you don’t add any oil, you can taste it.

Dense chocolate, such as roasted in the refrigerator, puffed foods, or nuts such as jerky meat, is a pairing scheme,

Strong liquor coffee, such as placing it in a coffee cup and drinking a cup of espresso after melting. Adding milk wine to the coffee with vanilla makes the coffee more chewy. One cup of espresso is brewed with vanilla, and when mixed with a strong flavor, the faint bitterness of chocolate can be tasted in the mouth, making it addictive to drink.

LD900 Cooling Tunnel

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