Export chocolate making machine face dual certification

27 November 23
Chocolate Making Equipment

Export chocolate making machine face the option of dual certification, and trainees must master the opportunity and skills of skilled pastry roasters.

Apply professional skills in pastry baking, Western desserts, Western cuisine, Western utensils, Western cuisine, and professional desserts.

Raw materials and equipment: pastry oil, frosting, oil, milk, cream, salad oil, corn starch, dressing cloth, cleaning supplies, coloring agent, baking, sandbags), desserts, coffee, milk, emulsified asphalt, chocolate, eggs, salad oil, low gluten flour, lemon juice, condensed milk, milk, salad oil, low gluten flour, lemon juice, salt free butter, chocolate, almonds, decorative flowers, tree hole cookies, wheat milk cup cake Butter cookies, biscuits, lemon almond cake, water, frosting.

Blueberry muffin, brownie cake, butter cookies, chocolate cookies, shell shaped cake, butter cookies, scallion cake, peanut butter, coconut, broad bean cake, apple butter, peanut butter, tassels, hazelnut cookies, puffs 16, white granulated sugar, cocoa powder, frosting, protein cream, coffee powder, soybean oil, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, sieve, and plain cookies without additives Cashew nuts, peanut butter, walnut oil, sunflower seed oil, edible pigments, white rice oil, peanut oil, walnut oil, animal oil, and other raw animal fats. Cake for strength and friends, always the best gift for making money.

Chocolate Making Equipment

Having 18 years of experience; With the support of Xu Jie from Jia Shi Nan Tian Shang, we have built over 22 years of experience; We have a win-win situation in both dividend and customer business. This cake is a popular online gift for both daily and private use, combining cakes and candies. It is not only popular among people, but also can be tasted locally to improve work efficiency and happiness.

Delicious selections come from Southeast Asian organizations around the world, blending romantic craftsmanship to create a four in one classic yet timeless cake. Undoubtedly, Carlsberg’s 40 year “post” system has been successful and has become a long-term industry leader.

Friends who enjoy pastry baking, prepare a delicious cake for the pastry house. This cake emphasizes serving one person and does not use fresh milk or fruit flavored sauce, nor does it use premium cream.

Jiashibang is a professional enterprise engaged in the field of pastry baking. Since 1998, it has developed and is currently a well-known pastry chef in the baking industry, under its own brand.

We are committed to cultivating talents who are proficient in pastry production, understand management, and possess entrepreneurial abilities. Through our continuous efforts, we will become an outstanding pastry chef and create a different future in the development of existing equipment.

Now, the company’s pastry masters have gradually become various types of pastry masters, receiving 17 times the number of categories of pastry masters.