Stable off-season, pay attention to new products and channel changes in chocolate cooling tunnel

01 December 23
chocolate cooling tunnel

Stable off-season, pay attention to new chocolate cooling tunnel products and channel changes, and how chocolate products adapt to the climate?

Sweet chocolate, mellow milk chocolate, and a blend of light sweet chocolate bring you tempting deliciousness.

Every bite is pleasantly surprised, full of chocolate, with a silky taste, paired with sweet chocolate, allowing you to feel a strong sweetness.

Baroque traditional milk chocolate, the mellow milk chocolate blends the mellow aroma even more. The rich aroma of mellow chocolate collides with the warmth of chocolate, allowing you to feel the rich sweetness.

The chocolate with a long history and the mellow milk chocolate provide a unique and wonderful experience. The sweetness of mellow chocolate blends with the smoothness of chocolate, like eating a piece of rich chocolate.

The flavor of mellow chocolate, the richness of mellow chocolate, and the smoothness of chocolate blend together, creating warmth, beauty, romance, and customized fragrance, allowing you to feel full of sweetness.

The taste is cold, and Foka Cold Extract Vanilla brings you the deepest love. The pure cocoa aroma, with a melting sensation at the mouth, and the authentic young price of raw materials, is delicious for a moment, making people forget most of their troubles.

Sweet and crispy cookies, plant butter, strawberry chocolate, mixed well before entering the pure taste.

LD400 Cooling Tunnel

Strawberry filling, the exquisite taste of cookies, makes people forget them. The classic dreamy cocoa flavor comes in four flavors, one is a cream coated surface, one is a chocolate coated surface, and there is also a tea flavored spread, making people unable to resist a taste.

Crispy crust, crushed nuts, and rice dumpling base are selected, and the ingredients are rich. Spread sesame seeds and invite other ingredients to eat together. The taste is more intense and exquisite.

Finally and most importantly, the feeding process is soft and delicate, with sesame bags and eight cloves that make it difficult to stop after the first bite.

Carnations are famous for their unique designer skills. Ning Shen combines the selection of materials, whether as a necessary Dim sum for breakfast or as a keeper of afternoon tea, all of which highlight the life of modern urbanites.

Puff dough relieves internal pressure. Handmade small packaging, when used in baking, can carry excess floral elements and is full of fun.

Carnation filling block, jelly, wife cake, bouquet flower, gingerbread, ice cream, sugar free gingerbread, durian cake, Napoleon, peach cake, cookie, peanut cake, sesame thin crisp cake, cut blue mountain pepper cake, durian cake, animal biscuit, crispy Dim sum, egg cake, dried animal cake), bag cookie, margarita cake, puff, two-color biscuit, fruit moon cake, crispy cake, ginger cake cream, etc.

Internal pressure of puff dough: mooncake crust face, smooth, fabric, round rolling, big rolling, thick film rolling, deep rolling, baking the second mock examination or the second mock examination.