What is the difference between chocolate tempering machine and chocolate coater machine?

30 May 24

In the world of chocolate production, various specialized machines play crucial roles in ensuring the final product meets the highest standards of quality and consistency. Two essential pieces of equipment in this process are the chocolate tempering machine and the chocolate coater machine. At SEMMco Chocolate Machine, a leading chocolate machine manufacturer and chocolate equipment supplier, we specialize in the manufacturing, processing, and customization of a wide range of chocolate machinery. This article will explore the differences between chocolate tempering machines and chocolate coater machines, highlighting their unique functions, benefits, and applications.

What is Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Function and Purpose

A chocolate tempering machine is designed to heat and cool chocolate to specific temperatures, ensuring the chocolate’s crystals are properly aligned. This process is crucial for producing high-quality chocolate with a smooth texture, glossy finish, and optimal snap. Proper tempering also prevents issues such as blooming, where unsightly white streaks appear on the chocolate due to improper crystal formation.


The tempering process involves several stages:
1. Melting: Chocolate is heated to a high temperature to melt all the cocoa butter crystals.
2. Cooling: The melted chocolate is then cooled to a lower temperature to form new stable crystals.
3. Reheating: Finally, the chocolate is gently reheated to a working temperature, ensuring it retains its tempered state.


Tempered chocolate is used in a variety of applications, including:
– Chocolate Bars and Tablets: Ensuring a shiny appearance and a satisfying snap.
– Chocolate Moulding Machines: Used to create intricate shapes and designs with a smooth finish.
– Chocolate Coating: Providing a high-quality outer layer for dipped products.

Key Features of SEMMco Chocolate Tempering Machines

At SEMMco Chocolate Machine, our chocolate tempering machines are equipped with advanced production equipment to ensure precision and consistency. Key features include:
– Ease of Installation/Setup: Our machines are designed for straightforward installation and setup, allowing for quick integration into your production line.
– Safety Features: Ensuring safe operation with protective measures and user-friendly interfaces.
– Low Costs Solution: Offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

What is Chocolate Coater Machine?

Function and Purpose

A chocolate coater machine, also known as an enrober, is used to apply a consistent coating of chocolate over various products, such as candies, biscuits, nuts, and other confections. The coater ensures an even layer of chocolate, enhancing the product’s appearance and adding a delicious chocolate flavor.


The coating process involves several steps:
1. Feeding: Products are placed on a conveyor belt that passes through a curtain of liquid chocolate.
2. Enrobing: The chocolate evenly coats the products as they move through the machine.
3. Cooling: The coated products are then passed through a cooling tunnel to solidify the chocolate.


Chocolate coater machines are versatile and used for:
– Biscuits and Cookies: Adding a chocolate layer for extra flavor and appeal.
– Confectionery Items: Coating candies, nuts, and other sweets with chocolate.
– Snack Bars: Providing a chocolate coating for a variety of snack bars.

Chocolate Coater Machine

Key Features of SEMMco Chocolate Coater Machines

Our chocolate coater machines at SEMMco Chocolate Machine are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Key features include:
– Advanced Production Equipment: Ensuring precise and uniform chocolate coating.
– OEM/ODM Services: Offering customized solutions to meet specific production requirements.
– Safety Features: Incorporating safety measures to protect operators and maintain smooth operation.

Comparing Chocolate Tempering and Coating Machines

While both chocolate tempering machines and chocolate coater machines play vital roles in chocolate production, they serve different purposes and operate in distinct ways. Here’s a comparative overview:

Primary Function

– Tempering Machine: Focuses on preparing chocolate to achieve the right crystal structure for a smooth, glossy finish.
– Coater Machine: Specializes in applying an even coating of chocolate over various products.

Process Involvement

– Tempering Machine: Involves heating, cooling, and reheating chocolate to specific temperatures.
– Coater Machine: Involves feeding products, enrobing them with chocolate, and cooling to set the coating.


– Tempering Machine: Essential for creating high-quality chocolate bars, moulded chocolates, and coatings.
– Coater Machine: Ideal for coating biscuits, candies, nuts, and snack bars with chocolate.

MM08/15 chocolate moulding machine

SEMMco Chocolate Machine: Your Trusted Chocolate Equipment Supplier

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