chocolate making equipment

Chocolate making equipment refers to the specialized machinery and tools used in the process of producing chocolate products. These pieces of equipment are designed to handle various stages of chocolate production, from the initial processing of cocoa beans to the final tempering and molding of chocolate products.


Main technical parameters




Connection mode

快接装置 quick connect device快接装置 quick connect device


220V单相 Single phase220V单相 Single phase

Heating power


Cooling power

电机功率 Motor power550W750W

Equipment size








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What are the main types and functions of chocolate making equipment?

Chocolate making equipment comprises various types of machinery and tools designed for different functions in the chocolate production process.

  1. Roasting Equipment: Roasters or ovens are used to roast cocoa beans. Roasting enhances the flavor of the beans, reduces their moisture content, and sterilizes them.
  2. Winnowing Machines: These machines separate the cracked cocoa beans into nibs and husks. The nibs are the edible part of the cocoa bean, while the husks are removed as waste.
  3. Grinding and Refining Equipment: These machines are used to grind cocoa nibs into a fine paste called chocolate liquor. The refining process further reduces the particle size, ensuring a smooth and creamy texture in the final chocolate product.
  4. Conching Machines: Conches are used to continuously mix and aerate the chocolate liquor. This process helps develop the chocolate’s flavor and texture while reducing acidity and bitterness.
  5. Tempering Machines: Tempering is essential for giving chocolate a glossy finish and a crisp snap. Tempering machines heat and cool the chocolate to stabilize the cocoa butter crystals, ensuring that the finished chocolate has a desirable appearance and texture.
  6. Molding and Enrobing Machines: Molding machines are used to shape liquid chocolate into various forms, such as bars, pralines, or molded shapes. Enrobing machines are used to coat various products (e.g., nuts, fruits) with a layer of chocolate, creating chocolate-covered treats.
  7. Cooling Tunnels: After molding or enrobing, chocolate products are passed through cooling tunnels to solidify the chocolate. These tunnels maintain precise temperature control, ensuring that the chocolate sets properly.
  8. Packaging Equipment: Packaging machines are used to package the finished chocolate products, ensuring they are sealed and labeled correctly for distribution.
  9. Cocoa Bean Crackers and Winnower: This equipment is used to crack open cocoa pods and separate the beans from the surrounding fruit pulp. It’s the first step in the cocoa bean processing chain.
  10. Chocolate Melting Machines: These machines melt chocolate into a liquid state, making it easier to work with for coating or enrobing applications.
  11. Chocolate Storage Tanks: These tanks are used to store and maintain the temperature of melted chocolate, ensuring it remains in a workable state during the production process.
  12. Chocolate Pumps and Melters: These machines help with the controlled transportation of liquid chocolate, particularly in enrobing and molding processes.