MM30 Chocolate Enrobing Machine

Model: MM30
Dimension: 1270mm(L)x680mm(W)x1220mm(H)
Catalogue: Tempering Machine
Capacity: 60kg

Chocolate Enrober available with SEMMco Company is manufactured using cutting edge technology. Our company can supply Chocolate Enrober with electrical controller comprising independent units or cooling tunnel. Various attachments for sprinkling of items onto the enrobed chocolate can also be supplied on special request. The price of Chocolate Enrober offered by us is nominal as compared to other models offered by our competitors.


MM30 moulding machine can be equipped enrobing belt,combined with enrobing machines.They are suitable for pralines and pastry products,from biscuit to cakes.The entire procedure can be carried out by just one operator,who can easily move from the loading and enrobing area to the product exit converyor.

Technical Specification

Model: MM30
Capacity: 30kg
Power: 1kw
Votage: Single phase, 220V
Dimension: 1270mm(L)x680mm(W)x1220mm(H)

MM30 Chocolate Enrobing Machine


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What is the working principle of the Chocolate Enrobing Machine?

The SEMMco chocolate enrobing machine is an automated machine that coats confectionery products in a layer of chocolate. It works by applying a thin layer of chocolate to the surface of the product via a concave belt conveyor.

The machine consists of multiple principal components, including a chocolate tempering unit, a conveyor belt that carries the product, a cooling tunnel, and an automatic weighing system. The chocolate tempering unit is responsible for melting the chocolate to the right temperature and consistency for the enrobing process. Once this is complete, the conveyor belt carries the product through the machine where it passes underneath the chocolate tempering unit. The chocolate then coats the product as it passes through, before being cooled and solidified in the cooling tunnel.

The main function of the enrobing machine is to make sure that the chocolate layer serves its purpose by adhering to the product with the right performance characteristics, like texture, appearance, and taste. To ensure this, the temperature, pressure, and speed of the conveyor belt must be adjusted appropriately to match the chocolate tempering and cooling conditions. Other factors that can affect the outcome of the chocolate coating are the type of chocolate being used, the shape of the confectionery product, the size of the product, and the type of release system used.

The chocolate enrobing process also requires a coating release system (CRS) to ensure that the chocolate coating can be removed from the product. This is usually done with a heated roller system, which acts much like an oven, melting the chocolate coating so it can be released. The heated roller system may also help regulate the temperature of the chocolate tempering if it is set too hot or too cold.

Once the chocolate has been applied and cooled, the enrobing machine automatically weights the product to ensure that it has the correct weight and that there is a consistent layer of chocolate on the product. Finally, it seals the product in an airtight wrapping to ensure freshness before it is packed away for sale.


What kind of chocolate can be used in a Chocolate Enrobing Machine?

Most commercial chocolate enrobing machines use couverture chocolate, which is a type of chocolate with a high cocoa butter content. Couverture chocolate is available in a variety of forms, including blocks, chips, shards, or wafers. It must also be tempered to work correctly in an enrobing machine.


What maintenance is required for a Chocolate Enrobing Machine?

Regular maintenance of the chocolate Enrobing Machine can ensure optimal machine performance. The frequency of maintenance depends on the usage of the machine, and SEMMCo Chocolate Machine Company recommends conducting it at least every few months.

1. It is recommended to regularly clean and maintain the machine, as this will help maintain its good working condition and extend its service life. Regularly clean and disinfect the wrapping machine, its parts, and all other related items. Only use food safety detergents and warm water for cleaning.

2. Check the belt tension and adjust it if necessary. This will help maintain the smooth flow of chocolate in the machine.

3. Check the speed of the grass wrapping machine and the speed of the belt to ensure that the chocolate does not come into contact with the belt for too long and is not heated too quickly.

4. Ensure that the temperature and humidity settings work properly and maintain the required levels.

5. Lubricate the moving parts and check for signs of wear or damage. This will help the machine run smoother and reduce additional wear.

6. Remove chocolate chips from the outside of the machine

7. Check the ongoing settings to ensure they are balanced and working properly.

To prevent uneven wrapping in the future, please check the flow rate of chocolate and the size and shape of the product entering the machine.

9. Regularly check the hygiene level of the stacking room to ensure the removal of any product residues.

10. Check the electrical and other components of the system and ensure that they are working properly.