T6 Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

Dimension: 600mm(L)x570mm(W)x1220mm(H)
Catalogue: Tempering Machine
Bowl Capacity: 6kg


T6 automatic tempering machine, from melting by bain-marie to tempering by cooling gas with refrigerant compressor. The bowl capacity is 6kg, and is provided with a mixer that keeps the chocolate fluid and even. The machine is equipped with flow-stopping foot pedal, programmable dosing system and heated vibrating table, useful accessories when making chocolate. It only takes 20 minutes to cool the chocolate from 45℃-28℃.


Tank Capacity: 6kg
Voltage: 220V, Single phase
Heating Power: 400w
Refrigeration Power: 900w
Motor Power: 250w
Dimension: 600mm(L) x 570mm(W) x 1220mm(H)


1.The description of chocolate tempering machine.

Our chocolate tempering machine is improved by our company with reference from Italy CM Tempering Casting Machine with more stable working performance and efficiency.

Adopted fully stainless steel wire drawing production,it is totally confirmed with food standard. Good sensor ensure the electric control sensitivity and temperature preserve efficiency, which enable the uniform chocolate tempering.

With compact structure, tempering casting machine is easy to be installed with humanized design and vibration function which makes the chocolate is more beautiful.

2. The feature of chocolate tempering machine.

2-1. The machine has the functions of pouring,vibrating and auto temperature control,easy operation and convenient maintenance.
2-2. It is a very compact table-top machine that is ideal as entry level or secondary machine,suitable for chocolatiers or for a small patisserie or pastry kitchen even for department.

3, Packaging

Automatic chocolate tempering machine