two lans wafer stick machine


                                                  Two Lans Wafer Stick Machine Offer



Train transportation to 96-200 DAP RAWA MAZOWIECKA,Poland EUR $ 7800.00


The product line mainly consists of the following parts


Mixer  —-> Conveyor belt for collection and center filling  —->cooling —->



1. Details:

1   Oven Forming


(electricity heating

or gas heating)

1 setPower:0.37kw: 4 sets

0.18kw: 2 sets

1.5kw:  1set

Size:  3200*1850*2250  mm(L*W*H

Package  size:  3500*2440*2900mm(L*W*H)

2Slurry feeding and

center filling


1 setPower:0 . 18KW*1台,

0 .25kw*4台

Size:     1350*500*1460mm(L*W*H)

Package    size:1380*785*1730mm(L*W*H)

Automatic temperature control pump

3Mixer1 setPower:4kw


Package size:1050*680*1240mm(L*W*H)

4Ball Mill machine

(center filling use)

1 setPower:   1.5kw

Size:   1100*580*1350mm

Package  size:  1100*700*1760mm(L*W*H)

Automatic temperature control

5Conveyor belt for

collection and

cooling of wafer


1 setPower:0.5KW


Effective width:230 mm

6 Color Box Two


(double colors per


1 setSize:200*200*200mm(L*W*H)


1.Energy consumption :

You can choose from a gas oven or an electric heating oven for the same price. The energy consumption of the gas oven is

5~6kg / h, and the total power is 8kW. For all-electric heating, the total power is 40 kW。

Electric oven :  40kw/hr

Gas furnace: gas -5-6kg/hr;Power:40kw/hr


1) Double head, increase production.

2) Two heating methods, electric heating and gas heating, using the automatic ignition device.

3) Automatic alarm system, after the alarm, the gas supply will be shut off.

4) Automatic temperature control system effective insulation can make full use of energy.

5) Auto-adjust the motor speed

6) The thickness of the face skin can be adjusted

7) The length of the egg roll can be adjusted

8) The egg rolls are adjustable in diameter

9) Egg rolls can be used in part or all


Length: 3cm-16cm is adjustable

Start from  3CM  ——————>  Up to 16CM



Diameter 1cm 2cm is adjustable

Dyestuff—Two-color adjustable

Original baked color                                                                                Double colored  [chocolate | pink | blue | green | other colors]



Shape-round for basic shape; pillow for mini; flat with flattening



Note the heart

Hollow                                                                       Filled



Coating- – – – – -need to provide additional qiaoke coating machine





Optional machine:





3.Chocolate Enrobe+Cooling Tunnel280mm 宽)



▶ The whole chocolate coating line can be classified into two parts: dip-coating and cooling tunnel.

Dip-coating machine adopts automatic temperature control for heating, slurry transmission from slurry

barrel, cooling tunnel which assembles special circle ventilation; it is more applied to process flow for

chocolate manufacturing, adjusting with classification. This machine characterizes as huge cooling value,

high yield, which applies to all kinds of novelty products.

▶ It features by particular and compact structure design ,advanced and perfect system configuration,

stable running, easy operation, safety and reliability, simple repair and maintenance.

Chocolate Enrobe:

-Wire mesh Width: 280mm.

– Made of SUS304 stainless steel.

-All surface coating, bottom coating, and up-side coating

Cooling Tunnel:

Width of conveyor belt: 280mm,


1) Will be matched to the ENROBER, made of SUS304 stainless steel. The covers can be opened by gas

spring from one side. The insulation cover is made of 30mm stainless

steel sandwich plate

2) Speed of conveyor belt: 0.5-6.5M/min

3) There is temperature sensor; temperature can be controlled by

temperature controller.

4) There are pneumatic rectifying belt devices in front and back rack.

5) 1 sets of 3Hp cooling unit


1.Terms of Payment

The Payment by Installment Should Be Paid In Time. Each Installment Should Be As Per The Under-Mentioned

Terms Of Payment, Otherwise The Shipment Date Will Be Postponed Accordingly.

The First Payment(50% Of Total Price) As Deposit Should Be Paid To Seller Within Seven(7) Working Days

After Signed The Contract.

The Balance (50% of Total Price) Should Be Paid By T/T to Seller by Buyer within Five Working Days

before Shipment

All Bank Charges Outside China Are For Account Of Buyer.

The Exchange Rate According To Date of Sign the Contract.


Party B (Seller) Has Agreed To Provide 12 Months Guarantee Period From The Date Of Installation But

Not More Than 15 Month From The Date Of Shipment. Against Any Manufacturing Defects And Faulty Materials.

During This Guarantee Period Any Items Or Parts Found To Be Defective, Will Be Replaced By Party B

(Seller) To Party A (Buyer) Free Of Charge. Ware And Tare Parts And Parts Damaged By Any External Cause

Shall Not Be Covered Under This Guarantee.

3.Supervision of Installation and Commissioning Of the Plant

Party B (Seller) Has Agreed to Send 2-5 Technical Personnel to Carry out Work of the Installation,

Commissioning Of The Plant And Training Of The Operator With Regard To Production And Maintenance Of

The Plant. Party A (Buyer) Has To Bear The Cost Of Round trip Tickets, Food and Lodging For Two Persons

For A Period Of 25 Days. In Addition, A Daily Allowance Of USD 50 Per Technician As Pocket Money During

Their Stay In Buyers Country.

4.The appearance of the equipment is constantly upgrading. The above pictures are for reference only.

5.Offer validity: 30 days

Delivery date:  45 days