Chocolate Melter

21 April 18
Chocolate Melter

Chocolates are such magnificent and mind-boggling creations that nowadays they have become almost like an addiction for many people who love savoring the rich taste of luscious combinations of cocoa beans, sugars and scrumptious candy flavors along their taste buds. Self-proclaimed chocoholics love distinguishing their four basic food groups as: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles and these days people who are not professional cooks love baking just about anything with even a slight hint of chocolate as an unyielding ingredient. However, not everyone can get their hands on actual cocoa beans and process them into chocolate for later uses as baking and such. Instead people buy chocolates, in bars and mounds, and choose to melt them for baking purposes which is easier and also a great time-saver. Chocolates are usually produced in dense, solid shapes and their hard compositions are difficult to convert into fluid for baking and cooking without the procedure of melting. In order to melt these hard formations of chocolate blocks, there are chocolate melters to come to your rescue from manually heating and liquefying chocolate.

Chocolate melting machines are a blessing as they bring a series of benefits along with their nifty and comfortable sizes. They allow you to go through a series of steps to adjust and maintain temperatures, which is a vital factor in the process of melting chocolate. A chocolate thermometer allows you to analyze temperatures and mix the chocolate accordingly within different ranges of heat. There a number of chocolate melting machines out there in the marker. Some of the useful ones are stated below:

ChocoVision Tempering Machines are they way to go when one wants to bake small amounts of chocolate-covered goodies. Such machines are manufactured for proper melting and maintenance of chocolate in small bunches. There is an additional warmer bowl below the melting machine which gives more room for extra chocolate amounts up to 20 lbs. because cheaply priced chocolate melting machines often come with the same worth of shallow bowls that really do not allow much space for large amounts of chocolate or other items such as frozen bananas, ice cream bars or pretzel rods.

Chocolate Pro™ Electric Chocolate Melter is a fast and very easy machine to melt both chocolate and candies. Additional features include a non-heat melting base that always stays cool to touch, a non-skid outlook that makes slipping incidences unlikely and a removable non-stick melting pot that holds up to 2½ cups of chocolate. It can whip up fast and easy melting of candies and chocolate into yummy sauces and allows you to create dips in fancy and stylish ways for fruits, ice-cream, cakes, cookies and fondue and even things like potato chips and pretzels!

The Deluxe All Purpose Chocolate Melter™ is a popular buy as it has an economic price and proves to be the ultimate solution to traditional ways of melting chocolate as it heats chocolate to appropriate temperatures in order for the chocolate to melt meticulously and completely.

Mol d’Art Chocolate Melters are manufactured from Belgium and is known to demonstrate good performances in melting chocolates at a steady temperature. This steadily precise melter can be controlled thermostatically with temperatures ranging from 5C – 65C (40F-150F). Special features include the heating element placed on the bottom and sides of the machine that induces a gentle uniform heat as well as the sturdy plastic body structure that contains a plastic storage lid.

Meltinchoc Chocolate Melter allows you to melt the chocolate and maintain it in a hardened state with its highly accurate thermostat. Features include an outer constructed plastic cover which is thermo-resistant along with a removable stainless steel pan.

SEMMco’s Tempering Melters come in three different sizes with differing capacities of 80lbs., 240lbs. or 600lbs. per day. These melting machines are an ideal choice for using small amounts and differing type of materials put into one session of baking a particular type of treat. They are very easy to use and their temperatures can create10 to 75 pounds of chocolate liquid per hour. Proper maintenance after melting is also assured as the chocolate is preserved at a correct temperature so that it can be used whenever needed in the baking process that comes along with its ability of allowing extra chocolate to be poured in whenever needed, that is independently melted from the rest of the tempered chocolate. The best part of these chocolate melting machines is their guarantee of a 1-year parts warranty.