SEMMco Chocolate Machine

The full line of chocolate melting, tempering, coating & decorating equipment that are proudly made in the China


Chocolate Tempering Machine

Chocolate automatic tempering machine, from melting by bain-marie to tempering by cooling gas with refrigerant compressor.


Chocolate Moulding Machine

This machine is advanced equipment with mechanical and electric control, special for chocolate moulding.


Chocolate Vibrating Table

Chocolate vibrating table is commonly used to remove air-bubbles from chocolate during the moulding process as well as draining moulds.


Chocolate Melting Tanks

Chocolate melting and holding tank with pump has a wide range of application in the chocolate production and pastry shop.


Chocolate Cooling Tunnels

Chocolate Cooling Tunnel range from small low-heat products to large high-heat products and can be used in production of handmade chocolate.

Chocolate Ball Mill
Chocolate Ball Mill

Made of stainless steel ad special alloyed steel.

Chocolate Coater Machine
Chocolate Coater Machine

for tablet sugar coating production of food, pharmacy, chemical.

600-800 kg/h Automatic Candy Bar Line
Candy Bar Line

Production of monolayer and multilayer type products equipment

Automatic Machine for Phoenix Rolls
Bakery Machines

Automatic phoenix roll machine for ice scream.

Who We Are?

SEMMco Was founded in 2011. Referring to manufacturing the handmade chocolate processing machinery, there is no doubt that SEMMco is best qualified to speak. It is the sino-british joint venture invested by HERON and KEYCHOC. SEMMco is also the exclusive distributor for GAMI Srl in China. GAMI is an Italian company and is a leading manufacturer of continuous chocolate tempering machine.

SEMMco does not only provide standard chocolate machine, but also can manufacture the machines according to customers’ special request in reasonable price and short delivery time.

Warmly welcome you and opening up the boundaries of communication. We synchronize with your ideal partner!

WHY BUY SEMMco Machine

We provide all machines related chocolate products production including grinding, melting, conching, holding, coating, moulding, decorating, wrapping, etc..

We can customize the machines according to customer’s special request. Our experienced engineer can realize customer’s request easily.

The principal of our factory has more than 20 years experience in chocolate machines industry. His team has pretty good understanding of chocolate machine and can provide professional solution to customer’s requirement.

We do not just provide chocolate machines, we also provide complete solution for how to set your production line. You can just let us know what kind of chocolate product you want to make, we will provide you the solution of the chocolate machine.

We can send our engineers to your spot to install and test the machines, until the chocolate products are produced smoothly.


Staffs across worldwide


Huppy clients


Years in the indistry

Built to melt and temper any type of chocolate

Honestly for my more than two year experience coordinating with Foreign Suppliers for our machine purchases, for the record, "only SEMMco delivered the ordered machine (Cooling Tunnel) on the exact date as promised from the start of our transaction".
Emir B. Manansala
I know SEMMco since many years, and use some of your equipment in our Cacao-Barry / Callebaut Chocolate Academy T Center in Canada, which is the wheel tempering unit, chocolate shaving machine and warm cabinet. We always enjoy using your equipment for different applications, as quality is our daily challenge, to produce the best chocolate products during our courses.
Chocolate Academy T
  • Emir B. Manansala
  • Chocolate Academy T