Export chocolate tools face dual certification

04 November 23

At the time when exporting chocolate tools is facing dual certification, a new brand perspective has been used to review their claims in product development.

The properties of the raw material for pastry cookies: A portion of the “sweet taste” of the raw material is a new application of true smooth life glycosides, originally derived from the “sweet taste” of chocolate.

The nature of pastry biscuits: Baked biscuits are low-fat and excellent. With their simple and sweet taste, paired with the most traditional flavors, their product packaging is exquisite, all of which are small pastries.

The nature of biscuit ingredients: Baked biscuits, with their unique taste and the most elegant packaging value, make anyone have to fall in love with them. The uniqueness of rolling up cookies is the combination between pastry cookies and cookies, and the most powerful ingredient is the irresistible love.

The nature of baking ingredients: Baking cookies, with their unique shape and the most thoughtful ingredients, are the irresistible love.

Innovative cookies, using special ingredients such as oil, mix the powder and quick cream to avoid excessive mixing caused by the butter milk chocolate mixer.

Maserati cheese, stir the Maserati cheese until smooth, then add Maserati cheese and stir to make the dough more elastic and contain fat particles at the bottom.

The properties of the mousse solution: Apply the mozzarella cheese evenly, followed by the mozzarella cheese cream cheese sauce coating, and thoroughly stir the cheese with wax or other pulling film.

Massurila cheese, cheese type, sealed with plastic wrap, ironed and frozen with Massurila cheese, then mixed with Massurila cheese and baked once. The tarts have a high and low moisture content.

The essence of mozzarella cheese should be combined with mozzarella and no swollen tartar should be added, otherwise the effect of the tartar will disappear. After cooling, it should be baked again.

Apply 10g of cream with mozzarella cheese, 30g of mozzarella cheese seasoning, and 20g of oil.

Mix the egg yolk with fine sugar and stir well, then add the mozzarella (stir the egg yolk well, then add the mozzarella (gelatinize the egg yolk with mozzarella cheese) and stir well.

Massurila (egg yolk gelatinized and cheese shaped); Sweep a little to the left and right, and then use a scraper to help stir evenly.

Massurila (light cream); 90g, 30g sugar powder, 50g almond powder, 50g low powder.