Dessert Assistant Chocolate Tools

Chocolate tool is a common kitchen tool used for making chocolate more easily and efficiently. They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be used to prepare, shape, and decorate various chocolate products. Both professional and amateur chocolate manufacturers can use chocolate tools, which are a valuable tool for those who enjoy making unique chocolates for family and friends.

Chocolate tools include small items such as knives, spatulas, leather or brushes, dipping tools, cotton gloves, desktop scrapers, as well as large tools such as chocolate molds. These molds can be made of metal, silicone, or plastic and come in various shapes and sizes for creative decoration and gifts. Silicone molds can also be used to make items such as chocolate peels, truffles, and candies.

Other useful chocolate tools include specialized melting tools for melting chocolate and pouring it into molds. These melting devices are usually double-sided, with different settings and temperatures on each side, so that the chocolate can melt evenly. The melter is particularly important when processing tempered chocolate, as each side of the melter must be at different temperatures to produce high-quality chocolate products.

One of the most popular chocolate tools is the chocolate lighter. This tool evenly heats and cools chocolate to reduce crystallization and ensure a smooth and shiny surface. The temperature on the machine can be adjusted, and users can monitor the entire process on the LCD display screen. Unlike traditional tempering, these machines can temper up to 16 different batches of chocolate at once, achieving higher yields.

Chocolate molds are the most basic and widely used tools in chocolate making. They are typically made of food-grade silicone or polycarbonate and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Chocolate molds can be in the form of simple geometric shapes, such as squares or circles, or more intricate designs like animals, flowers, or seasonal motifs.

Chocolate Transfer sheets are thin acetate or plastic sheets with decorative patterns or designs printed on them using food-grade colored cocoa butter. Chocolatiers use these sheets to create intricate designs on the surface of chocolates. The melted chocolate is spread over the transfer sheet, and after cooling and setting, the sheet is removed, leaving behind the design on the chocolate.

Chocolate Tools:Double Colors Transfer Sheet

Chocolate tools can also include various other items, such as cooling racks, cooling trays, thermometers, and scales. These tools are crucial for monitoring the exact temperature of chocolate during the tempering process, and a balance is usually used to ensure that the amount of chocolate used is accurate.

Chocolate tools are an important tool for both professional and amateur chocolate manufacturers. It can make it easier and faster for us to create beautiful chocolate art works.