Chocolate Cooling Tunnels

Reliable, customizable cooling gives you maximum control over your chocolate making process. Make chocolates and confections with that beautiful gloss your customers love – and with a dependable consistency that ensures maximum productivity and profits.

SEMMco Company has become a noted name in the global market for manufacturing Cooling Tunnels, which are used extensively in chocolate processing industry. The Cooling Tunnels manufactured by our company ensure excellent quality of chocolate with delectable taste and break resistance. High reliability and outstanding performance of Cooling Tunnels offered by our company has increased the demand for Cooling Tunnels in market.

SEMMco’s cooling tunnels are ideal for both artisan and industrial chocolate makers. The warm product is delivered to the tunnel by an adjustable conveyor belt, where it is cooled by low-temperature forced air. The refrigeration system and the belt’s conveyor are controlled through a digital panel.

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