CTCM-1200 Chocolate Tempering and Coating Machine

Model: CTCM-1200
Dimension: 1410mm(L)x1720mm(W)x1600mm(H)
Catalogue: Chocolate Tempering Machine
Belt width: 1200

The Chocolate machine has tempering and coating double function, which can automatically temper perfect chocolate and coat chocolate on cake, candy such as material. It is the best machine for producing advanced foods.


The machine has tempering and coating double function, which can automatically temper perfect chocolate and coat chocolate on cake, candy such as material. It is the best machine for producing advanced foods.

Technical Specification
Model: CTCM-1200
Belt Width: 1200mm
Belt Speed: 2-12m/min
Dimension: 1410mm(L)x1720mm(W)x1600mm(H)
Weight: 480kg
Power: 5.8kw

CTCM-1200 Chocolate Tempering and Coating Machine


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What are the key features of a Chocolate Tempering and Coating Machine?

A chocolate tempering and coating machine is a specialized equipment used in the confectionery industry for processing chocolate, ensuring it has the right texture, appearance, and shelf life.

Tempering Functionality: The machine is equipped with a tempering system to heat and cool chocolate, creating stable cocoa butter crystals. Proper tempering results in a glossy finish, smooth texture, and a satisfying snap when the chocolate is bitten into.

Precise Temperature Control: These machines offer precise temperature regulation to achieve the ideal temperature for each stage of tempering, typically involving melting, cooling, and reheating the chocolate.

Continuous Flow: Many chocolate tempering and coating machines are designed for continuous operation, allowing a consistent and efficient workflow in large-scale production environments.

Enrobing Capability: Enrobing is the process of coating various food items with a layer of chocolate. Quality machines include an enrobing system, which can coat items such as nuts, fruits, or biscuits evenly with tempered chocolate.

Adjustable Speed and Thickness: The machine often features adjustable settings for the speed of the enrobing belt and the thickness of the chocolate coating, providing flexibility to accommodate different products and production requirements.

Cooling Tunnel: After the coating process, a cooling tunnel is commonly integrated to set and solidify the chocolate quickly. This ensures a smooth and glossy finish on the coated products.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: The machine is designed with hygiene in mind, often featuring components that are easy to disassemble and clean.

Touchscreen Control Panel: Many modern chocolate tempering and coating machines come with a user-friendly touchscreen control panel, allowing operators to monitor and adjust parameters easily.


Does the machine require specialized training in order to operate properly?

SEMMco Chocolate Machine Company has a complete testing program for finished machine operation, and prepares relevant materials in advance to ensure everything is smooth and qualified before shipment. Our engineers will provide comprehensive training to customer employees on our site, so that they can operate the machines well according to different customer requirements.

We will send our engineers to the buyer’s company to install the production line, especially for those who purchase our machines for the first time but do not know how to operate them, until your production line can produce products.

We also have spare parts to choose from, and as long as you urgently need them, we will prioritize sending them to ensure that your production line is in good condition.

Chocolate Tempering Machine

What is the process for cleaning and maintaining a Chocolate Tempering and Coating Machine?

The main steps are as follows:

Shutdown and disassembly: Turn off the machine and disconnect the power supply. According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, disassemble components such as grass wrap, coating rollers, and other detachable components.

Remove residual chocolate: Thoroughly remove any residual chocolate from machine components. This can be achieved by scraping, brushing, or melting and washing off excess chocolate with warm water.

Cleaning agents: Use mild, food safe cleaning agents and warm water to clean components. Avoid using irritating chemicals that may leave residue or affect the taste of chocolate.

Cleaning the tempering device: If applicable, please follow our tempering device cleaning guidelines. This includes flushing the system with warm water to remove any chocolate residue and cleaning the tempering wheel or screw conveyor.

Hygienic design components: Focus on components that are easy to clean, such as smooth surfaces and quick release mechanisms. Ensure that all gaps and corners can be cleaned.

Drying: After cleaning, allow all components to completely dry before reassembling. Wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth and remove any residual moisture.

Lubrication: If specified by the manufacturer, apply food grade lubricating oil to the moving parts to ensure smooth operation. Be careful not to use lubricants that may contaminate chocolate.

Reassembly: Reassemble the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that all components are correctly aligned and securely connected.

Testing: Run a testing cycle without chocolate to ensure that the machine works properly after cleaning. Check for any abnormal sounds, leaks, or issues during the tempering process.

Regular maintenance: Implement a regular maintenance plan, including routine inspection of components, lubrication of moving parts, and inspection of signs of wear or damage. Resolve any issues in a timely manner to prevent equipment malfunctions.

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What safety features are built into a Chocolate Tempering and Coating Machine?

The chocolate tempering and coating machine is equipped with various safety functions to ensure the health of operators and comply with industry standards.

Common safety functions include an emergency stop button, which can immediately stop machine operation in emergency situations.

In addition, these machines typically have safety protection devices or enclosures to prevent contact with moving parts during operation, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

Temperature sensors and control systems help monitor and regulate heating elements, prevent overheating, and ensure safe operating conditions.

Some machines may also include interlocking mechanisms, which can prevent machine operation if safety guards are not securely in place.

SEMMCo Chocolate Machine Company designs these safety features to mitigate potential hazards and create a safe working environment for operators of candy production facilities.