wafer stick mini cutter machine

Wafer stick mini cutter machine is a small, easy-to-use device that creates perfect, uniform wafer sticks with minimal effort.

This machine is ideal for kitchens, bakeries, and confectionery stores that need to quickly and efficiently cut wafer sticks for treats such as ice cream and other desserts.

It is a modern, safe, and efficient tool for professional production of wafer sticks.


Wafer stick mini cutter machine is simple to use, and requires minimal technical know-how to operate. This machine is capable of creating wafer sticks of different sizes – from 8mm to 12mm in diameter – and thicknesses – from 1mm to 3mm in depth.

The user is able to feed in sheets of dough, usually pre-cut in the desired shape, into the machine to be cut into sticks of uniform size and shape. This machine also has different speed settings, a timer, and an automatic shutoff feature, for added safety.

It is compact and light weight, making it easy to move or transport for events. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with an automatic excess dough cutter for quick and clean cutting.

The device also includes a timer and safety shut-off feature that allows for precise cutting duration and prevents any potential accidents. The machine is made of commercial grade stainless steel, making it durable and long-lasting.